With Young Kids

It can be hard to find ways to get active and to volunteer when you have young kids at home.  But the habits that you start now are going to be the ones that last through their lives.

That's where Stronger to Serve comes in!  We're parents and have been where you are. Our goal is to make it easy & fun for you to do activities that are good for you and for the community...yes, even with young kids!


Check out our programs below and come join us!

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Weekday Moms & Minis

Group runs/walks, core workouts & socializing for you, fun fitness & kindness story time for the minis (kids are optional).

Ages 3-6, but flexible.


Saturday Fun Runs & Service (#runkind)

Run or walk a 5K or 1K at your own pace and come back together for a service project.

Ages 3+, but flexible

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Family Volunteering Events

Many of our projects (those on the calendar below) are achievable for kids as young as 3 with assistance.

Ages 3+, but flexible

upcoming events

  1. Pick your event below and sign up (use code FIRST to try your first event FREE! Know that every other time, your donation is shared with our partner organization so you are helping out many at once!).

  2. We'll be in touch within a business day with info about your first session!