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With School-Aged Kids

School-aged kids are busy!  Sometimes it can feel like everyone is going in different directions and there's very little family time (especially device-free time).  

Stronger to Serve is here to change that!  We make it easy for you to spend time together having fun with activities that get everyone moving, learning and serving.  


We make sure you learn about how your work is making a difference because it's more fun when you volunteer because you want to, not because you have to.

Check out our activities below and come join us!

Want to make health & kindness a habit in your family and be part of a community of others doing the same?  Become an STS Member!


Saturday Fun Runs & Service (#runkind)

Run or walk a 5K or 1K at your own pace and come back together for a service project.

Ages 3+, but flexible

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Family Volunteering Events

Many of our projects (those on the calendar below) are achievable for kids as young as 3 with assistance.

Ages 3+, but flexible