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To spread health and kindness in our families and  communities by combining fun fitness with meaningful service.


Special Olympics track meet


IRONMAN Texas finisher picture

Stronger to Serve started with the quest of a family to strengthen both their bodies and share their time and talents while training for IRONMAN Texas. They spent 10 months focused on family volunteering and training their bodies. The idea caught on and the impact spread. Stronger to Serve provides opportunities for families & individuals to become their best by combining fun fitness with meaningful service.  

IRONMAN Texas run course


Teri Schmidt

Teri Schmidt developed a passion for family volunteering when she saw the empathy development that happened in her own kids when they were given an opportunity to learn about and serve those in need in their community.  She also experienced the challenges of trying to find age-appropriate volunteering opportunities, as organizations were not always familiar with how young children could help them meet their needs.  She knew that one day she wanted to work toward overcoming those challenges for other busy families so that they could realize the benefits of serving together. 


Her passion for family fitness developed a little later, after she got bit by the triathlon bug when her husband completed his first IRONMAN in 2014.  Training together for IRONMAN Texas was a life-changing experience for the family and planted the seed of Stronger to Serve.


Teri is an experienced leader and educator with a Master’s Degree in Education and over 15 years of experience designing, delivering, and evaluating instruction in both K-12 and corporate settings.  She loves to develop individuals, teams, and organizations and led multiple teams during her career in corporate training at JetBlue Airways.  She is an RRCA Certified Running Coach, an IRONMAN triathlete and, most importantly, a wife and parent to two children.